exercice 3

20 Dic

The brown bear

*Its habits: they nocturnal and solitary, with the arrival of the first cold winters, they live in caves; they are half a sleep, with their senses on the alert. They can live up to 30 years.
*What does it look like? : It’s big, hefty it can be 2 metres tall and weigh 200kg.
*They are in danger because of: the reduction of its natural’s habitat, they poaching, the chasing with traps, poison and clamp.
*it lives: in shady forest and next to rocky inaccessible areas. In CyL in the north of Leon and Palencia.
*feeding: it eats in 85 percent vegetables for example (acorns and chestnut) and also with meat, insects, honey, eggs, fish and mushrooms.
*reproduction: the bears are the vertebrate with the lowest birth rate; the bears have got the sexual maturity when they are to 5 years old. It takes 3 years between each brood.




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