exercice 3

20 Dic

The brown bear

*Its habits: they nocturnal and solitary, with the arrival of the first cold winters, they live in caves; they are half a sleep, with their senses on the alert. They can live up to 30 years.
*What does it look like? : It’s big, hefty it can be 2 metres tall and weigh 200kg.
*They are in danger because of: the reduction of its natural’s habitat, they poaching, the chasing with traps, poison and clamp.
*it lives: in shady forest and next to rocky inaccessible areas. In CyL in the north of Leon and Palencia.
*feeding: it eats in 85 percent vegetables for example (acorns and chestnut) and also with meat, insects, honey, eggs, fish and mushrooms.
*reproduction: the bears are the vertebrate with the lowest birth rate; the bears have got the sexual maturity when they are to 5 years old. It takes 3 years between each brood.



exercise 3

19 Dic


  Spanish Juniper

· How is it?: It has got a conic or piramidal shape.
The trunk is short and robust. The bark has got a brown tone.
The leaves are very small like small scales.
· Where does it grow?: It’s resistant to drought and to extreme climates. It often occupier limestone sustrats with esqueletics floors. Al trough it can live at 1400 m height, most of them grow between 900 and 100 metres.
It has got a growth is very slow it used for: its wood is very arotmatic.
· In CyL:The most extensive juniper´s forest are in the province of Burgos and Soria.
In Segovia there are big areas of forest and in the north of Leon and Palencia. Two natural reserves (Cañon de Río Lobos and Hoces del Duraton)
Are inhabited in a big part by this tree.


exercise 2

19 Dic

The pine forest
The pine forest is a natural place, there are a lot of trees ( pines). In the trees grow up pine cones, in the pine cones grow up the pine nuts.
In the pine forest there are many insects.
The bark borers are small beetles, they eat wood.The pine has got leaves in spick form.
Valladolid area: The earth area of pine forests ,in the province of Valladolid in the Medina del Campo and Pedrajas de San Esteban.It´s important for the production of the pine nuts.
The pinus is a type of tree or bush of the pinacce family.
The top can have a pyramidal shape or round form. In the old trees it is wide and depressed.
The seeds have got winx with the head more or less straight. We can eat them.
In Spain the pine is the most popular tree.

exercice 1

19 Dic


                                                                                      leaves                                                      road

  Trees                                                     cars

Bushes                                                  rail track

Sand                                                     bridge

Grass                                                     posters

Flowers                                                  traffic signs

Rocks                                                    wall

Water                                                    aereald

Air                                                          parck

Clouds                                                  pavement

Sun                                                        windows

Birds                                                       fences

Moon                                                    street lights

Stars                                                       buildings

Fog                                                        traffic lights


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18 Dic

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